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T1 Grill Kickstarter Projekt


This was a 2 week school Kickstarter projekt in which we were working in groups of 4-5 people. We all had to think of our selves as a new company that wanted to get something backed on Kickstarter. So we all needed to think of a produkt we wanted to make, create a design, write a script for a 30-60 sec. video, and get it up on a website made by one of the web classes. The third week we presented the projekt’s for the teachers and the classes, and got evaluated as an end on the projekt period.

 What i made

In this projekt i played the role as the art director. In the start we all did the same things, like chosing what to make, figuring out a name and a product design, but later when the modeling began we began to get more in to our roles. Half through the projekt I were filming the clips for the video, and making the design for our web and as part of my role i should make sure the produkt looked good at the pictures, and stich it all together in Premiere Pro so we could send the video to the web team.

We were 5 people on this projekt. Four 3D Artists and a web Coder.
The 3D artists were: 
Daniel T. O’Reilly : Leader
Benjamin B. Henriksen : 2D Artist/Script writer
Jesper W. Andersen
Jakub Vymětal: Art Director
The Web coder:
Jonaz Pedersen

  • 3Ds Max 70%
  • Photoshop 15%
  • Premiere Pro 15%

Programs used:

first the we used photoshop to make some concepts of our idea, that we then continued to evole inside 3Ds Max until ve found our final design. when the design process started we split the work and began to create the model in 3Ds Max and recorded our videos. when that was done, we textured it and started animating it, so it could be ready for the video that we edited inside premiere pro. final we rendered 2 full-HD photos that we edited in photoshop and posted it all on our project website.